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A place on the 'Vine for all things erotic. EroticaVine is a place for frank, adult commentary about those things that turn us on and get us off. If you are easily offended, it is not the place for you. Potential members of EroticaVine should be in good standing on NewsVine, with at least 3 branches of Vineacity, be directly invited by one of the moderators, or be sponsored by one of the existing members. Applications for membership will be evaluated within 5 business days.

About, Bylaws, Other Information

EroticaVine is for the publication of erotica, material meant to stimulate and arouse sexual interest.

Erotica (from the Greek language Eros - "love") — refers to works of art, including literature, photography, film, sculpture and painting, that deal substantively with erotically stimulating or arousing descriptions. ...

Membership in the EroticaVine group is by invitation or sponsorship only. Members are either invited to join directly by the administrators or sponsored by existing members. Members should be in good standing on Newsvine. Prospective members should generally have a minimum of three (3) branches (Vineacity) although exceptions can be made for sponsored prospects.

The intent of EroticaVine is not to be a Sexvine clone. This is a place to publish erotic narratives for sharing with a select group of people. Original work is preferred. You are welcome to seed or clip articles into EroticaVine from elsewhere on Newsvine or published directly to the group. Your own articles and seeds may be published simultaneously to EroticaVine and to other groups, but articles and seeds that are not your own should not be clipped out of EroticaVine into public groups or to your own column.

All comment threads related to EroticaVine material should be exclusive to EroticaVine. In other words, what happens on EroticaVine stays on EroticaVine. Discussions of EroticaVine material or comments elsewhere on NewsVine will be grounds for immediate revocation of membership. "Meta" articles concerning EroticaVine published to other groups or to all of NewsVine must be approved by the administrators prior to publication.

Above all else, slip into something comfortable and have fun.